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All-Clad® Copper Core Double Boiler

All-Clad® Copper Core Double Boiler

Delicate ingredients of cheese, chocolate, crèmes and sauces go perfectly with this patented five-ply bonded double boiler. The copper center core of the 2-qt. saucepan is bonded to aluminum to enhance heat distribution and conductivity, and reduce weight. Durable stainless steel exterior and cooking surface provide even cooking, ease of cleaning and aesthetic appeal. The double boiler insert is made of high-quality white porcelain that prevents burning or scorching. Includes two lids: one for the saucepan and one for the insert. Oven safe to 500°F. Made in the USA.

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Double-Handle Soup Bowls

Double-Handle Soup Bowls

Simple and stylish double-handled bowls are perfect for enjoying everything from creamy bisques to hearty chowders. Down-to-earth modern, our versatile whiteware collection complements any décor and offers a wide range of plating and serving options.

Staub Graphite Steam Grill

Staub Graphite Steam Grill

Indoor grilling is great, but the results are often undesirableit tends to fill the kitchen with smoke and meat can become tough and dry. Enter the Staub Steam Grill. Our go-to pan for quick, healthy meals, the versatile Steam Grill comes with a tight-fitting lid that locks in flavor and moisture and prevents excessive smoking. Simply sear food, add wine, broth or your favorite cooking liquid, then cover and steam for moist, delicious results every time.Great for fish, veggies, pan-grilled steaks and more, this innovative grill makes it easy to achieve perfect grill marks, then add liquid, cover and finish foods with the gentle, even heat of steam. Steam grilling reduces cooking time by up to 30%, so food stays moist and tender. And because youre using liquid that deglazes the pan while you cook, steam grilling also makes clean up a breeze.Long a treasured staple in home kitchens as well as professional restaurants, Staubs enameled cast iron doesnt require seasoning and cleans up easily in the dishwasher.Try these delicious recipes for the Staub Steam Grill. >

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Emile Henry Flame Burgundy Pizza Stone

Emile Henry Flame Burgundy Pizza Stone

Turn any grill or oven into an Italian-style pizzeria with this high-performance pizza stone. Made from Burgundy clay, each stone is capable of being heated to high temperatures, for light, perfectly crisp crusts and moist, airy interiors. Produced one at a time, each piece of Emile Henry cookware is formed and hand-finished by skilled artisans.

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Sur La Table® Nonstick Triple Egg Poacher

Sur La Table® Nonstick Triple Egg Poacher

Our egg poacher makes quick work of poaching up to three eggs at a time using a standard-sized pan. Simply bring water to a boil, add eggs to the poach pods and, after 34 minutes, theyll be ready. Nonstick-coated stainless steel for easy release and quick cleanup. 1" feet for stability in your pan. Compact 7" size for convenient storage. Dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart® Egg Cooker

Cuisinart® Egg Cooker

Simple-to-use appliance frees up stovetop space and looks right at home in any kitchen. Cook up to seven eggs from hard to soft consistency at one time, and poach up to three. A light indicates if cooker is on or off, and an audible tone lets you know when they re done. Cooker includes a brushed stainless steel lid, and a beaker with piercing pin. Unit automatically shuts off after use. BPA-free. Set comes with poaching tray, two egg holders and recipe book.

Chefn RPM Latitude Pepper Grinder

Chefn RPM Latitude Pepper Grinder

Perfect for busy cooks, this high-output mill features ultra-efficient planetary gearing to grind more pepper with less work. A simple twist of the collar adjusts the consistency from coarse to super fine, and the top removes for easy refilling.

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GreenPan Teal Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Skillets

GreenPan Teal Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Skillets

Ideal for low-oil cooking, GreenPans Healthy Ceramic Nonstick skillets are the perfect pans for health-conscious cooks and theyre only available at Sur La Table. With an eco-friendly nonstick coating that keeps food from sticking, cooking healthy meals has never been easier. Thermolon Marathon nonstick conducts heat more efficiently than traditional nonstick coatings for superb searing and crisp frying.The original makers of ceramic nonstick, GreenPan has partnered with Sur La Table to create a line of exceptional nonstick cookware packed with cook-friendly details and designed for everyday use. GreenPan Healthy Ceramic Nonstick cookware features a dishwasher-safe coating thats completely free of toxic chemicals or persistent pollutants and is precisely engineered to deliver impeccable results.

24 (4oz) Gourmet
                                    Angus Steak Burgers

24 (4oz) Gourmet Angus Steak Burgers

Have a great grilling experience with these gourmet angus steak burgers. Made from 100% Midwestern corn-fed angus beef and created from our meticulously aged steak trimmings, it's not surprising that these flavorful steak burgers are a customer favorite. Season these burgers with our Chicago Steak Company seasoning and these hearty steak burgers will be the hit of your next cook out. 24 Gourmet Angus Steak Burgers

Swissmar Fusion Table Grill

Swissmar Fusion Table Grill

Perfect for informal gatherings or quick weeknight meals, this tabletop grill makes it easy to enjoy an evening of food and fun with friends. Simply set out an assortment of veggies, meat, cheeses and fruit, then adjust the thermostat and start grilling. Thanks to the large cooking surface and individual grilling spatulas, up to six people can cook at once.

Mauviel Mbrushed Copper Roasting Pan with Rack

Mauviel Mbrushed Copper Roasting Pan with Rack

Perfect for roasting turkey, prime rib, veggies and more, this gorgeous copper roasting pan allows air to circulate completely around cooking meats and collects the resulting juices for mouthwatering pan gravies and sauces.Flawless three-ply construction pairs the excellent heat conductivity of copper and an aluminum core with a stainless steel interior that wont react with cooking foods and is easy to clean. Handcrafted with Mauviels unsurpassed quality, this heirloom-quality pan will have a place in your kitchen for years to come.

USDA Prime -  T-Bone

USDA Prime - T-Bone (4)

With two sides of USDA Prime the T-Bone is the best of both With two sides of USDA Prime the T-Bone is the best of both worlds. Bone in, with a meaty strip loin one side of the bone and a buttery Filet Mignon on the other, this cut never fails to satisfy. Slowly wet aged with the best grade of beef available, this is a perfect steak for a very special occasion. USDA Prime is truly a rarity that can't even be found in most high end steak houses. Like all our products, our USDA Prime tenderloin carries with the Chicago Steak Company's legendary guarantee and seal of quality.

Sur La Table Adjustable Roasting Rack

Sur La Table Adjustable Roasting Rack

With seven different positions to accommodate most cuts and sizes of red meat and poultry, this adjustable roasting rack is a versatile way to roast your favorite foods. Rack elevates food so hot air can circulate fully, and the nonstick coating makes cleanup a snap.

Le Creuset® Heritage Marseille Au Gratin Dishes

Le Creuset® Heritage Marseille Au Gratin Dishes

Perfect for preparing and serving large cuts of meat, side dishes, desserts and more, this set of vintage-inspired au gratin dishes adds a festive flair to any meal. Available in a wide range of vivid colors, each stoneware dish is the product of Le Creusets time-honored techniques and impeccable craftsmanship. Manufacturer: Le CreusetIncludes: 8" and 11¼" au gratin dishesMaterial: StonewareCare: Dishwasher safeDimensions: 8" diameter, 1½" height; 11¼" diameter, 1.8" heightCapacity: 24 oz; 1¾ qt.Warranty: 5-year limited warrantyMade in ThailandFEATURESLarge Heritage handles are flared with classic scalloped design facilitate easy transportIncredibly strong stoneware maintains even temperatures, prevents scorching and keeps food warmIncredible thermal resistance; safe for freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasherDurable enamel resists scratches and stains, even from knives and serving utensils; stick-resistant glazed interior easily releases foods for quick cleanup; enamel blocks moisture absorption to prevent crackingTimeless Le Creuset beauty for oven-to-table presentationTwo of our most popular sizes, now at an incredible value

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Blackwing Ostrich
                                    US9350-8-10 Organic Piedmontese Beef Sirloin Steaks

Blackwing Ostrich US9350-8-10 Organic Piedmontese Beef Sirloin Steaks

An organic sirloin steak that has less fat calories and cholesterol then chicken yet is juicier and more tender then a conventional beef sirloin steak.

  • 10 x 8oz.

  • Premium Gold
                                    Angus - Porterhouse (2,4,6,8)

    Premium Gold Angus - Porterhouse (2,4,6,8)

    It doesn't get any bigger or better than the king of steaks - the Porterhouse. Aged to perfection and cut from the end of the short loin, our Premium Gold Angus Porterhouse includes the entire portion of a meaty strip loin (Boneless Strips) and the buttery soft tenderloin (Filet Mignon).

    USDA Prime
                                    -  Bone-In Ribeye (4,6,8)

    USDA Prime - Bone-In Ribeye (4,6,8)

    Also known as a Chicago Style or Cowboy Steak, this USDA Prime Bone-In Rib Eye is 'simply the best'. You'll get the right amount of tenderness balanced with the mellow flavor of Prime Beef, and the superior marbling that can only come with USDA Prime. Cut French-Style, this Bone-In Rib Eye will have an extraordinary presentation that will only be matched by its taste. Don't want the bone? Try our Boneless Ribeyes

    SKU: GMC-E29-3


    Compact size saves valuable counter space. Dispenses 2 flavors in less than one square foot. Famous two-piece, stainless steel, dripless pouring valves are sanitary and easy to use and maintain. Large capacity drip pan holds more. Generous, yet compact, 9 liter (2.4 gallon) easy clean bowls are separate to allow break down & flavor changes without total system shut-down. Unique evaporator and high efficiency pump design cools faster and more efficiently for faster start-ups. Superior engineering allows full beverage cooling right down to the last drink. Modern styling, better design and more use of stainless steel allows easier cleaning and less maintenance. Super-strong, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate bowls and covers give lasting durability. Agitators are included with each unit for fresh juices, coffees or teas. Five year compressor warranty. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.

    Surf & Turf -
                                    USDA Prime Wet Aged (2,4)

    Surf & Turf - USDA Prime Wet Aged (2,4)

    Representing a slim 2% of Beef in the US, our USDA Prime Steaks make the perfect complement to these Certified Maine Cold Water Lobster tails. Pair these Lobster tails with our Juicy Top Sirloins. Assortment Includes: 2 (8oz) USDA Prime Wet Aged Top Sirloins, 2 (6oz) Cold Water Lobster Tails

    Lobster Gram M4FM10
                                    TEN 4-5 OZ MAINE LOBSTER TAILS AND TEN 6 OZ FILET MIGNON STEAKS


    Lobster Gram has been serving customers since 1987. We have come a long way since those early days of single-handedly taking calls in the basement.We ship allour live lobster packages from our warehouse in Biddeford Maine which is why our lobsters are always awesome and totally ocean-fresh!Since we have been shipping lobsters and other gourmet products since 1987 you could say we have mastered the packaging to get our products to you in perfect condition as possible.Our lobsters are packed in a Styrofoam cooler with frozen gel packs to keep them cold thirsty pads to keep them moist and bubble wrap to prevent too much shifting.All of our steaks are cut fresh right in Chicago where all of our mid-western corn-fed beef is carefully inspected graded and cold-aged to its tender flavorful perfection. We only carry a very high grade USDA Choice or USDA Prime (the highest of beef grades). We even ship our steaks from Chicago to Biddeford so that every package contains the same incredible top-quality beef. The 4-5 oz. Maine lobster tail is our smaller variety of Maine lobster tail perfect as an appetizer or main course. Maine tails are the sweetest of all tails because they come from the coldest waters of the North Atlantic. The Maine lobster tail has a firm texture and a highly addictive quality the perfect partner for our tender filet mignon!

    4-5 oz. Maine Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon Steak Packages Include:

  • 4-5 oz. Maine Lobster Tails
  • 6 oz. Filet Mignon Steaks
  • Free Clarified Butter
  • Lobster Gram Cooking Manual

  • .



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