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French Recipes

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A guide to rural French cooking which draws upon provincial sources to provide over 250 recipes and essays which reveal the nature of everyday French cuisine and the ordinary people that produce it. Includes recipes for vegetable potage and beef daube amongst others, using local ingredients.
As much a book of inspiration as a collection of over 250 uncommonly delicious recipes, French Farmhouse Cookbook captures the rustic and richly flavored farmhouse cooking that is the basis of French cuisine and a perennial inspiration of French chefs. The author visited and lived among farmers, cheesemakers, ranchers, and vintners from the Pyrénnées to Alsace-Lorraine, from Normandy to Provence. The result is a stunning portrait in recipes, lively essays, and a wealth of astucesótips passed down through generations of cooks. Here are dishes prepared by lifelong cooks--not chefs--intended to satisfy, not impress. "Susan Loomis's new book is that rare thing: a cookbook that expresses accurately the milieu of its recipes. It is a timely and beautiful reminder that we have to connect back to the land in order to recover a sustainable future."--Alice Waters, author of Chez Panisse Vegetables. Main selection of the Book of the Month Club's Good Cook Club. 55,000 copies in print.