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Coconut Cake Recipes

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coconut cake  cookbook recipes click here

Coconut Cake Recipes This is a wonderful Coconut Cream Cake recipe. This cake bakes up light and moist, has a delicious coconut flavor and fluffy buttercream icing. I'm a baker by trade and I'm sharing my recipes with all of you. This recipe comes from an old collection of cherished recipes. Try it with a variety of fillings; such as pineapple, fresh strawberries and lemon. This is a wonderful cake for all occasions, it's sure to be a crowd pleaser every time. Recipe comes with very detailed step by step instructions and full color illustrations to ensure success every time. Also, there's a list of measurements, substitutions, baking terms and a recipe conversion chart for those who use the metric system. All pictures in my recipe listings are the actual products made from the recipe being sold. Come on Try it!!!, Bring out your inner chef!! You'll be very proud of yourself. This recipe makes one 2 layer cake with 9 x 2 inch layers. I also have recipes for available for Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cake Balls, Pecan Pie and King Cake.

coconut cake  cookbook recipes click here

Coconut Cake Recipes Title: Bakers Chocolate and Coconut Favorites Paperback Author: General Foods Corporation Release Date: 1982 Product Description: Recipes from Baker's Chocolate and Coconut Contents: Chocolate How to section on chocolate and coconut, chocolate substitutions, how to melt, store Coconut, tips on using and flavorings Cake Treasures Recipes Cut-up cake designs: Butterfly Cake Jerry Giraffe Cake Bunny Cake Dandy Lion Cake Ella Elephant Cake Hallo Witch Cake Teddy Bear Cake Fox Terrier Cake Mr. Snowman Cake Dear Santa Cake Frostings, Fillings, Toppings For the Cookie Jar Pies, Puddings and Such Delicious Drinks Hot and Cold