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Caribbean Recipes

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caribbean cookbook recipes click here

Caribbean Recipes This Caribbean recipes cookbook focuses on the favorite dishes of the people of the Caribbean, dishes you will find if you walk into any Caribbean home. Contains authentic, Caribbean recipes from the gorgeous Islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad. Learn how to cook the most popular dishes of the Caribbean, all the favorites are here: -Jerk Chicken -Fried or boiled dumplings -Curry Goat -Stewed Fish -Rice and Peas -Roti -Ackee and Saltfish -Caribbean desserts and more All recipes are well known throughout the Islands and form an essential part of traditional Caribbean cuisine. Have you been to the Islands? Re-live that fantastic Caribbean vacation again and again Use this cookbook to re-create those wonderful dishes within the comfort of your own home and bring the Caribbean atmosphere to life. Impress your loved ones and friends Produce mouth-watering, exotic dishes to add to your cooking repertoire and compliment your party or gathering with authentic West Indian food. Easy to follow recipes Simple recipes using easy to find ingredients. Most meals can be prepared in under 30mins. Suggestions as to which additional foods will best compliment each dish are also provided. Re-kindle your childhood memories If you're familiar with Caribbean Cuisine, enhance your skills. These recipes will show you how to cook Caribbean food the right way. Continue the tradition, teach and pass on these recipes to family members. Learn how to cook like a true West Indian Grace Barrington-Shaw was born and raised in Jamaica. Jamaican food is second nature, having worked throughout the Caribbean, Grace has developed a love for all Caribbean cuisine. Within the book, Grace recommends the most authentic and loved Caribbean recipes enjoyed by many throughout the years.

caribbean cookbook recipes click here

Caribbean Recipes "Old & New"is a comprehensive Caribbean cookbook with over 400 recipes, some originals plus new recipes created in the Caribbean style of cooking. Many recipes come from the author's restaurant, "The Cove" in Barbados. The book is written in the style of a family memoir as the author tells of gatherings and cooking experiences throughout her life. The book includes some of the author's biography, hints and substitutes concerning food preparation, and a glossary of Caribbean foods. Each chapter is color-coded in bright Caribbean colors and contains a little story followed by the appropriate recipes and food photography. The pages are illustrated with original watercolor art sketches done by the author's father, Gordon Parkinson, who is an artist well known throughout the Caribbean. The book is printed in large font for ease of reading, with recipes that are easy to follow. It also contains a page at the end entitled "My own recipes" for you to add any new or given Caribbean recipes.