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avocado tree Fuerte Avocado Tree - Very COLD HARDY Avocado - Grafted Live Avocado Tree The plant offered is a Grafted Fuerte Avocado Liner. VERY COLD HARDY AVOCADO TREE (1 plant) The Fuerte is a TYPE B avocado. They are SELF FERTILE, but will produce more if you have a Type A Avocado Nearby. We have HASS TYPE A, Avocados as well. The Fuerte variety is an established avocado favorite. It is a California winter variety that has an excellent flavor. The name Fuerte was given after this variety was able to survive the great freeze of 1913 in California, and so it was given the name “Fuerte”, which means “strong” in Spanish. It is one of the sole varieties to survive freezing temperatures. This special tree was the beginning of the avocado industry in California! Harvested late fall through spring( January -April), the Fuerte is the original high quality California Avocado. The Fuerte is a smooth skin variety. There is no so few trees planted that it is no longer marketed to the consumer via retail stores. These plants will produce excellent flavored Avocado with 5-14oz. fruits, Hardy down to 27 degrees, great for the orchard or for the backyard grower. These will produce within 1-3 years, whereas a seedling will take 10-15 years to produce. Characteristics: Pear Shaped Medium Seed Peels Easily Great Taste Medium to large fruit, ranging from 5 to 14 ounces Smooth Thin Green Skin Creamy Pale Green Flesh When Ripe: Skin remains green Fruit yields to gentle pressure when ripe.