Back by popular demand - The 25 LTD is back and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector (for convenient in-dash installation), a 9-foot microphone cord (for easy reach anywhere within the cab), and tactile controls (for added convenience and safety when adjusting functions).

40 Cb Channels
Rf Gain, Switchable Noise Blanker
Instant Channel 9
Automatic Noise Limiter
Cb/public Address Capability
Illuminated Analog Signal Strength & Power Meter
Front-panel, 4-pin, Screw-on Microphone Connector
Dimension: L 12 X W 12 X H 3 in.
Shipping Weight: 4.68 lbs

safes and padlocks


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148 GTL - AM/Single Sideband CB Radio

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