4 slice toasters click here

4 slice toasters click here

The Better Chef four-slice family toaster, the right choice for your everyday busy body
Made with wide slots to fit more than just bread
Toss in a bagel or waffles for when you don't want toast
Built to have 4 slots so everyone in the house gets a chance to eat
Make a quick snack just the way you want it with the simple adjustable browning control
The toaster includes a quick cancel button and an easy to clean crumb tray
A conveniently made toaster with a well thought out design that suits any kitchen
Measures: 9.25-in x 9-in x 6-in
Adjustable browning control

tankless water heaters


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LL Bean Eton FR200 Emergency Radio Hand Crank AM/FM/SW - NEW SEALED


Aeiusny 500 Watt Portable Power Station, With 1000 Peak Watts. Solar Generator Lithium Battery CPAP Backup Power Supply. With 500 Watt AC Inverter Outlet, USB Ports, DC Output. For Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency. Brand New, Free U.S. Shipping. AEIUSNY

U.S. Ships FREE & FAST We Ship 6 Days A Week

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10% Cancellation Fee No Exceptions

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY & LOW NOISE POWER: Portable solar power station is your best partner for outdoor adventure. Aeiusny solar generator is smokeless, no oily smoke, no spark plug and no noise than traditional gas generators, and provides a green comfortable power source for your outdoor activities. Allowing you to release yourself during camping, outdoor adventures and RV trips with confidence.

HIGH CAPACITY: 288Wh (12V/24Ah) 500W with AC-Outlet, DC Port and USB Outputs, the portable power station is handy and good use for your travel, outdoors , camping or hurricane emergency life power outage etc.

CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES: 3 AC outlets/4 DC ports/4 USB ports powerful portable battery to charge smartphones 40 times, laptops 8 hours, Drone, Mini-Refrigerator, CPAP, small home appliances, etc. When you are in an emergency, it can be used as a backup battery.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: 12.70*5.91*8.66 inches, 7.05Lb; it is the portable battery generator you want to keep around. You can carry it with you or put it in your car, super convenient.

3 WAYS RECHARGING: Able to be recharged by Aeiusny 60w solar panel (Sold Separately) within 8-10 hours in full the sun, AC wall outlet (included), or in your car (included).

STABLE & SAFE BACKUP BATTERY: Equipped with a standard pure sine wave AC power socket Aeiusny electric generator provides a more stable power supply for various outdoor activities or emergency power outages, which is more convenient for driving, RV camping trips and outdoor adventures. Over-voltage, over-current and over-heat are controlled through the overload protection design, protect you and your equipment during use, making your outdoor activities worry-free.

INCREDIBLE USAGE: Generator can be used to simultaneously charge up to 6 devices without any fear of over-current, over-voltage, or over-heating.

CPAP BACKUP: Its Solid and compact construction, and its multiple charging options that guarantee you never run out of power for your CPAP.

TAKE YOUR POWER SUPPLY WITH YOU ANYWHERE: Comfortable and ergonomic handles will make carrying your outdoor emergency power sources a breeze. Just slip it in your car trunk and embark on your next adventure.

SO QUIET, EFFICIENT POWER: Rest assured that your portable battery will not disturb you or your loved ones, since it utilizes a built-in power inverter and runs quietly. It can be recharged via supported solar panels (Not included), car port, or AC wall outlets. Its built in controller automatically optimizes charging process and maximizes power extraction from solar panels under all conditions.

ADVANCED BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The built-in BMS protects you against overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature, ensuring the safety of you and your devices and prolonging battery life. It also features a built-in cooling fan to avoid overheating when charging.


battery boosters

Tiny Home Dome House Catalog

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Flies Be Gone Fly Trap - $14.95

battery boosters

Jump starter features: Battery jump starter: 300 cranking amps 1,000 peak amps 12-volt, 14 Ah sealed lead-acid battery Antisparking (via safety switch) and reverse polarity (indicator light protection) 6 gauge, 24 in. jumper cable Air compressor features: 260 PSI air compressor with analog pressure gauge High-temperature automatic shutdown Includes air hose nozzle adapter tips;• Power inverter features: 400 watts AC continuous; 800 watts peak surge Two 115-volt, 60 Hz AC outlets 40 amp built-in external fuse (replaceable) inverter overload protection Additional features include 12-volt, 11 amps max outlet 5-volt, 2.1 amp USB power port AM/FM radio with 3.5 mm aux input 50 lumen, 5-LED work light Analog voltmeter AC charging time: 34 hours DC charging time: 12 hours Ability to accept 12-volt solar panel for charging Includes charging adapters for vehicle (12-volt DC) and home (110-volt AC) Dimensions: 12 in. W x 9 in. L x 11.5 in. Weight: 17.5 lbs.;

Wagan Tech 7561 Power Dome PLEX Jump Starter, Air Compressor and Inverter

bug zapper lights

Don't let mosquitoes and other flying pest ruin your outdoor activities. For over 30 years Flowtron has been making insect control systems, and protecting the health and quality of life for customers around the world. This unit is effective in killing a broad range of insect pests including mosquito species, which can transmit West Nile virus and other infectious diseases. It is a great solution for outdoor areas up to 1/2 acre using our patented, high efficiency, non-clogging killing grid that is safer, cleaner, more effective and more dependable than other imitators. The high tech vertical grid keeps clean and working reliably all season.

This electronic insect controller performs without pesticides, propane tanks, nets or glue panels. It includes a USDA tested Octenol cartridge in the carton. Octenol is a by-product of human respiration, it lures a wide range of mosquito and biting fly species into the unit's killing grid. This unit is extremely efficient and operates for only pennies a day. It is rugged, with weatherproof construction and will not rust, crack or fade and features easy bulb replacement. Reclaim your outdoor living space by ridding it of unwanted pest, order yours today.


Electronic insect control without pesticides, propane tanks, nets or glue panels
Patented, high efficiency, non-clogging killing grid
Eliminates grid clogging that can short-circuit unit or cause flare-up of insect remains
A clean grid will also ensure maximum luring power of black light bulb
Instantaneous operation, continuous uninterrupted service
Included USDA tested Octenol cartridge
Octenol, a by-product of human respiration, lures a wide range of mosquito and biting fly species into the unit's killing grid
Octenol makes your insect killer more effective in killing certain mosquitoes and biting flies
Environmentally friendly, no pesticides, fogs, sprays or odors
Rugged, weatherproof construction
Will not rust, crack or fade
Easy bulb replacement
Safe - Outer enclosure protects children, pets, birds and wildlife
Effective - eliminates thousands of light-sensitive flying insects nightly
Operates for only pennies a day
Avoids the continuing expense and inconvenience of chemical insecticides
Includes powerful transformer proven reliable for years of dependable service
Recommended for areas up to 1/2 acre
Your insect killer lures flying insect pests away from your living area
Place away from your living area to draw pest away
One 15W high intensity black light bulb
Bulb: BF-15

electric heater fans click here if the banner is blank

Comfort Zone Electric Oscillating Radiant Dish Heater
Equipped with two heat settings and a powerful fan, this oscillating radiant heater generates heat and circulates it throughout your space, resulting in a warm, cozy feeling in any small room. This radiant heater with 14"" dish reflector features an oscillating design with 70 degrees of coverage, letting you focus and circulate warm air throughout the room with ease. Its adjustable tilt allows you to control the direction of air output, ensuring the warm air goes where you need it most. The tip-over switch and overheat protection system prevent the fan from overheating, which can cause dangerous fires and electric shocks. For added safety, the flocked safety grille stays cool to the touch, so you can move the fan from room to room without worrying about burning your hands.

2 Heat settings for powerful heat output tailored to your needs
14"" Reflector dish offers focused heat output
70-Degree oscillating design circulates air throughout your space
Adjustable tilt offers added control over the direction of air output
Flocked safety grille stays cool to the touch
Safety tip-over switch turns the heater off if it is accidentally knocked over
Overheat protection provides automatic shut-off when elements overheat and pose a safety risk
ETL listed

igloo ice chests and water jugs

Ultraviolet inhibitor protect against the sun UltrathermŽ insulation in body and lid Holds ice up to 5 days Locking telescoping handle w/ gear hanger Non-marking soft ride rally wheels Built-in condiment shelf Cool Riser Technology- Elevated design Includes 2 removable fishing rod holders Includes 2 additional drink holders Recessed, triple-snap drain plug Four self-draining cup holders Lockable lid or tie-down loopsWhite Indoor or Outdoor Cooler20.38" x 18.00" x 19.12" Inches
1. Modern fashionable line shape designed, magnificent thin-shaped appearance.

2. High efficient energy saving.

The heater exchanger and main burner adopt mostly advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning noise.

3. Low water-pressure startup.

The water control linkage valve makes the heater start up under low water pressure and stable water flowing under high pressure to meet the requirements of those in water shortage areas and those living in high stairs.

4. Manifold auto protection, Lon flame inspection.

For the sake of your safety, automatically shut down gas power under unexpectable flameout.

5. Controller design, over heat protection.

Both cold water and warm water can be properly controlled.

6. Over water pressure protection function, anti-freezing protection function.

Automatically decrease pressure under excessive high water pressure. The anti-freezing apparatus can discharge the stock water to avoid damaging machine itself by freezing under cold areas or in case of long time no use.


The gas water heater 18L-LNG is perfect for the house. Take a hot shower or wash the dogs. It makes it great for off grid or other areas where electricity is not readily available. Safety, the gas water heater to achieve heat and heat separation, bathed in the bathroom, installed in the kitchen, to avoid the risk of leakage during the bathing process

microwave ovens

Galanz Retro 0.7 Cu ft Countertop Microwave oven in Cream makes cooking and reheating meals or beverages simple, quick, and convenient. With adjustable power levels, defrost program and weight adj., this microwave oven offers a variety of choices to complete your cooking tasks. The fun Retro design brings a look and feel of the fabulous old days, adding style but still function in your modern kitchen. It is a fun and stylish addition to any kitchen, rec room, home office or dorm room.
700-Watt Power
6 Power Levels
9.6" Removable Glass Turntable
Knob and Button Control
Auto Menus
Stylish Retro Design
Interior Light
Child Safety Lock


The Ariel BT-150150 Whirlpool Bathtub is a 2 person, luxury spa that holds up to 98 Gal. of water. The nine Whirlpool jets in this unit deliver a therapeutic hydro-massage, which can be enjoyed alongside your partner. The 2 headrests provide comfort and the deck mounted handheld showerhead and faucet are easy to reach. The 5 mm tempered glass panel on the side adds a stylish accent to this corner Whirlpool bathtub unit. The acrylic and fiberglass construction is easy to clean and maintain. The radio function is controlled via the built-in microcomputer with LCD control panel. The Ariel BT-150150 Whirlpool Bathtub offers luxury and the ultimate relaxation for your home bathroom.

Outdoor Octagon Picnic Table.

Width from outer bench to outer bench.

54.5 Tabletop width.

Base of table is 100% recycled wood primed and painted.

Table top and benches are Trex Enhance G2 Decking.

Very sturdy and reliable table.

Built by hand with over 40 years experience.

Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship

portable clothes washer

- Portable washing machine and spin cycle is constructed of durable plastic material which makes it steady and dual function feature allows for washing and spin at the same time.
- Its compact, lightweight and space-saving design makes this ideal for places where space is limited such as for apartments, condos, motor homes, camping trips or dormitories.
- Enjoy the convenience of washing and spinning up to 13 total pounds of laundry (Washer: 8 lbs, Spin Cycle: 5 lbs.)
- The wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash and the spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes which means the clothes can be washed for the time required.
- Simple to use simply add clothes, water and detergent and set the machine to wash. Once done give it a spin to try out and rinse through.
- This portable washing machines give you a similar performance of larger machines but in a compact smaller size. With an impressive performance and lightweight portability, this portable washing machine will save you time, money, and space.
- It does not require plumbing and only requires access to water and a drain area.
- Everything needed for the machine to work is included (except water and detergent). Includes in the box is the Washing Machine, Water Fill Hose and manual.
- This unit features a 1300RPM motor with a max frequency of 60Hz
- Overall Dimensions: 23"(L) x 13.5"(W) x 26"(H)

segway human transport

Black Ninebot S Segway Smart Electric Scooter with LED light Portable Powerful
For the young and adventurous. Portable, easy to learn, exciting to ride. Your personal self balancing transporter - the new model of Segway's ride is now available in the US! The Segway Ninebot S has a max speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), and a range of up to 13.7 miles (22 km).

Go places on your Ninebot S - have fun in style. Built for practical last-mile transportation and entertainment mobility, the Ninebot S gets you to your destination while you enjoy and experience the moment. Easy-to-learn and the user-friendly knee control bar design also makes it the top pick for kids and adults alike. Just step on and you can master it in just minutes. Add your Ninebot S and experience for yourself why this is the right choice for riders all across the world.

Road-Adaptive Design - The 10 air-filled tires ensure that your ride is smooth even on rough terrains. With the 1600 watts of engine power, the Ninebot S gets you to your destination.
High Capacity Battery Pack - The Ninebot S is equipped with a high performance Lithium Ion battery pack and an advanced intelligent Battery Management System (BMS).
Go places on your Ninebot S - Have fun in style. Built for practical last-mile transportation and entertainment mobility, the Ninebot S gets you to your destination while you enjoy and experience the moment.
Easy to Learn - The user-friendly knee control bar design also makes it the top pick for kids and adults alike. Just step on and you can master it in just minutes.
Convenient Portability - Weighing just 28lbs, the Ninebot S is light and small in size, making it convenient to get around.
Ambient-Light Safety - The customizable LED tail lights ensure high rear visibility in low light condition.

safes and padlocks


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above ground pools



This dual portion control dry-food dispenser holds up to 17.5 ounces in each canister and is suitable for a wide variety of dry foods
The as-needed dispensing keeps food sanitary, while its airtight seal helps prevent food from going stale preserving freshness for up to 45 days
It is ideal for parents promoting growing independence for their children or for people living a healthy or weight conscious lifestyle
The portion-control system uses a soft, flexible paddle wheel that won't crush cereal, reduces spills, and dispenses a measured amount with each twist
Features include a durable scratch-resistant, shatterproof construction, a removable bottom tray for quick cleanup, and an easy-to-assemble design
Design allows for as needed dispensing, dispenses approxiamtely 1 ounce per twist and keeps food sanitary and germ-free.
Suitable for cereal, oatmeal, candy, granola, nuts, beans, rice

Lasko Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

Large Butterfly Garden Stake

Emergency Foods


TV/DVD Combo click this image

area rugs

Built-in DVD Player
Supports DVD +/-R/DVD+/-RW/VCD/HDCD/ CD/MPEG1/Music & JPG
Built-in USB Input
Built-in SD/MMC/MS Card Slot
Built-in Dual Tuners
2 HDMI Inputs
HDTV 1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 250cd/m
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 10ms
Color Capacity: 16.7M
Digital Noise Reduction
Picture Mode: User Standard Dynamic & Mild
Sound Mode: User Music Movie & Standard
Separate Bass Treble and Balance Controls
Sleep Timer Function
Multi Language On Screen Display
Full Function Remote Control
Input Terminals Compatible: 2 x HDMI VGA RF 2 x USB SD PC Audio CVBS YPbPr Audio L/R
Output Terminals Compatible: Headphones and Coaxial Output
Wall Mountable Design VESA Compliant

Freeze Dried Emergency Food

train track sets

for people with heterochromia

Pickled Eggs are available in a variety pack. Choose your two favorites from three popular flavors: Original Pickled Eggs by Bay View Packing are made using only fresh Grade A Large eggs, hard boiled, peeled after highly controlled cooking, then processed with pickling brine. This assures quality for your enjoyment. Grandpa Bruno's Garlic and Onion Pickled Eggs from Bay View Packing are made from an original Old World recipe, spiced with garlic and onion flavors. Bay View Red Hot Pickled Eggs are pickled in vinegar with hot red chili pepper and mustard seed. A tasty treat for those that prefer a little heat; bite into this egg and it bites back! You will receive two 36 oz. jars in your choice of flavors. Each jar contains 20 eggs. Pickled eggs are a low carbohydrate (1 gram), low fat treat. Best when consumed within 3-4 months. No refrigeration needed before of after opening when covered with brine.


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Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

Click here to see my copyright document On the second page of the website shown on this banner is the original copyright for the Internet- if the FBI of that time had actually bothered to investigate they would have found out that I was telling the truth- instead they cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars in taxable revenues from David J Wards income- as an individual- because of their absolute dishonesty,incompetence,discriminatory practices,and negligence!! If they had investigated at that time and collected all of the moneys due to me and enforced the payment of copyright licensing fees up to this date, David J Ward would today be worth over One Trillion Dollars and the total climbing higher every day. David J Ward has the potential of becoming the richest person in recorded history or in the history of the human race and at one time was declared the poorest man in America!!

Characterized by its exceedingly durable design, the black Tough TG-6 from Olympus is a sleek point-and-shoot capable of handling a wide variety of adventures. Featuring a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor and TruePic VIII image processor, the TG-6 offers notable image clarity and low-light performance to ISO 12800, along with fast 20-fps continuous shooting, 4K30p video recording, and high-speed Full HD 1080p shooting at 120 fps. Complementing the shooting capabilities is a versatile 4x optical zoom lens, which spans a 25-100mm equivalent range, and has an f/2 maximum aperture to benefit working in difficult lighting conditions.

Beyond just imaging, the TG-6 also sports a robust set of features for withstanding the elements, tracking your adventures, and sharing your images. The camera is rated for underwater use, tested to withstand falls and crushing, and is hermetically sealed against dust and moisture when working in trying conditions. Additionally, a Field Sensor System incorporates GPS, a manometer, compass, and a thermometer for recording the details of your environment and embedding this data onto your photos and movies. Using built-in Wi-Fi and the Image Track app, recorded data and the imagery can also be shared to a mobile device for posting online.Tough Design

The TG-6 is designed to withstand a wide variety of conditions, ranging from harsh climates to everyday mishaps:
Waterproof-rated to IPX8 for use underwater to depths of 50' / 15m
Freezeproof to temperatures as low as 14°F / -10°C
Shockproof to falls from 7' / 2.1m high
Crushproof to withstand up to 220 lbf / 100 kgf of pressure
Dustproof-rated to IP6X to protect the internal components of the camera
MPN: V104210BU000
UPC: 050332192430
Olympus Tough TG-6 Digital Camera (Black)
Olympus LI-92B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (3.6V, 1350mAh)
Olympus F-5AC Adapter
Hand Strap

apple ipad click here

VIBRANT Apple iPad Air 4th Gen. 10.9" Green 64GB (A2316/ WiFi only) with Original Box and Apple Limited warranty until 10/28/2021!

Newest iPad Air model, featuring the Powerful A14 Bionic Six Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage and Stunning 10.9" Liquid Retina display!

iPad Air 4th Gen. (WiFi only) Model MYFR2LL/A Green
Six core 3.0GHz Apple A14 Bionic processor with 16-Core Neural Engine
4GB of RAM
10.9-inch LED-backlit 2360x1640 (264 ppi, 500 nits) touch-sensitive "Liquid Retina" display
64GB of flash storage
TouchID sensor in top button
Dual Microphones and speakers
Bluetooth 5.0
USB-C port
Dual-band 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) with HT80 with MIMO capability
One 7 megapixel front-facing camera and a Rear 12 megapixel that shoots 1080p video
Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd generation (not included)

apple iphone

Product Information
Beautiful both to look at and to use, that's the Apple iPhone 8. This model, which is unlocked to allow you to use any mobile network provider you desire, features a dazzling gold casing that really sets off the elegance of the overall design. The phone's high-resolution 4.7-inch screen is matched by a potent hexa-core processor with power to handle the toughest tasks. The phone's 12MP camera will let you take high-resolution photos, while you can stay connected via 4G and Wi-Fi. This device is compatible with Vodafone, EE, O2, Three Carriers

Widescreen TV with ATSC tuner PLL tuning AM/FM radio Preset station memories Built-in LCD digital clock Can optionally run on 8 C batteries and also takes 2 AA batteries for as battery backup for the clock (not included) Includes wireless remote with battery, power cord, and mounting kit for counter/cabinet installation;

CURTIS KCR2610 Under-Counter/Under-Cabinet 7-Inch TV Clock Radio

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raised bed garden kit

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I need help with replacing my travel trailer
since the last big rain storm rotted out the supports for my slide.
Any purchases will help.
I need to earn at least 15,000.00 to even be able
to afford a good used one.

ENGWE EP2 Folding Electric Moped Bicycle Orange - $1,150.39


Sparco Premium-grade Letter Size Legal Pad - $30.25

Writing pad features premium-grade, 16 lb. bond paper. Clean-perforated pages are wire-stitched to a thick, sturdy, 40 point chipboard back for writing support. Pad contains 50 sheets of 16 lb. bond paper. Both sides of each sheet are ruled. Each sheet is legal/wide-ruled with 11/32" line spaces and a 1-1/4" left margin.

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water powered flashlight Hydra-Light Runs on Water No Batteries Needed Condition: Brand New HydraLight™ is the flashlight that runs on water! No batteries needed, this flashlight/lantern combo runs on new break-through fuel-cell technology. Runs 100 continuous hours on a single water dip Fuel-cell can provide up to 300 total hours of light with multiple dips Rubberized armor coating Rugged & durable 2-in-1 flashlight & lantern

Wall Street journal

12" Smartphone Screen Magnifier 3D Video Mobile Phone Amplifier Stand Bracket

The Features of the 3D HD Phone Screen
Magnifier Amplifier
1.Material:Made of premium ABS Frame+PVC Lens,wear-resistant,shockproof,100% brand new and high quality.
2.Portable Design:Foldable frame,save space.You can take it in your bag easily.
3.Technology:Adopt high-definition magnifying optical technology, no power drive, no use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
4.HD Lens:Ultra-high-definition screen gives you a perfect viewing experience,relieves discomfort and visual fatigue caused by focusing on small screens for long periods, magnifies your smart phone screen display to make it easier to watch movies videos or news on your phone.
5.Best Gift: Simple and stylish design make this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones.It can be a gift and more suitable for the elderly watching movies and news click the image

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Presto Nomad Travel Slow Cooker 6QT
Brand: Presto
UPC: 0075741060118
Mfr Part #: 06011
Slow-cook foods and take them on the road with the Nomad traveling slow cooker. Its rugged, wide-profile picnic cooler-style design with cool-touch housing and swing-up handle makes carrying easy and prevents tip-overs when traveling. The locking lid seals tight for spill-proof transportation. Make soups, stews, casseroles, chicken, roasts and more for home or away in this large 6-quart family-size slow cooker. A built-in dry erase board with marker is handy for messages. The Nomad is great for buffet-style foods pulled pork, chicken wings, sloppy joes, hot beef and more. It tenderizes leaner cuts of meat and offers slow-cook settings for high, low, and keep warm. The hinged, removable cover has a large see-through glass window and features a detachable utensil holder with silicone cord that secures a utensil during transport and doubles as a spoon rest when serving. Removable nonstick cooking pot is fully immersible for easy cleaning. Built-in cord storage. Cook and go! Slow-cook foods and take them on the road. Wide-profile picnic cooler-style design with cool-touch housing and swing-up handle makes carrying easy and prevents tip-overs when traveling. Locking lid seals tight for spill-proof transportation. Large 6-quart family size is great for soups, stews, casseroles, chicken, roasts and more. Built-in dry erase board with marker for messages. Ideal for buffet-style foods at home or away pulled pork, chicken wings, sloppy joes, hot beef and more. Hinged, removable cover with large see-through glass window. Detachable utensil holder with silicone cord secures a utensil during transport and doubles as a spoon rest when serving. Slow-cook settings for high, low, and keep warm. Removable nonstick cooking pot is fully immersible for easy cleaning. Built-in cord storage

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40X60 Monocular+Tripod+Clip

40X60 HIGH POWER MAGNIFICATION Real HD 10x magnification and 42mm object lens diameter monocular, provides a clearly and bright image, enjoy the beauty of the distance. Have the best view in your outdoor adventures, just feel free to enjoy bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, travelling, wildlife, scenery, etc.

HIGH CONTRAST AND RESOLUTION IMAGES Latest optics technology, the HD monocular telescope equipped with BAK-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens, superior light transmission and brightness and the light transmittance reaches up to 99. 5%. Our monocular has low-light-level night vision, it could help you see things in low light (can't see anything in complete darkness), provide you a amazing viewing experience.

SINGLE HAND FOCUS, WATERPROOF & FOG PROOF Ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand. And the durable rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use, non-slip grip, and durable external protection from your hand. IPX7 Nitrogen-Filled Waterproof with a fog resistant coating and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust and debris to keep it clear all the time.

AMAZING CRYSTAL CLEAR VIEW For Dual focus design, high light transmission, the focus spotting scope can provide a brighter and higher-contrast images to you. The eyecup can be twisted up to deeply focus the view for yourself, and then adjust the focus adjustment and zoom adjustment until the view become clear.

COMPATIBLE Along with convenient phone adapter, our powerful monocular is compatible with iphone Xs/Max iphone Xr iphone X, 8/8plus, 7/7plus, 6/6plus, 5/ 5s, Samsung GALAXY S8/7/6, Edge , Note, Google Pixels, LG, HTC, Sony, and almost all other smart phones on the market.

-Military quality: Perfect design with fine workmanship.
-Strong temperature tolerance.
-Super waterproof, fog-proof and moisture-proof.
-40mm/15.75 large mouth mirror.
-Tripod: viewing is more convenient and more stable.
-Other accessories: Phone camera holder and compass.
-Wide Application :Golf, hiking, camping,Night viewing, nautical observation, outdoor travelling, Outdoor hunting and etc.

Magnification: 40X
Caliber: 40mm/15.75
Prism system: Bak-4
Focusing system: central anti-skid focusing
Waterproof grade: life waterproof
Coating: Multi-layer full broadband coating
Holder :5.5~8.5cm/2.17~3.35 Edit Text

Perk up your morning outside with a perfect cup of coffee from the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker. Prepare your pick-me-up just like the home version by spooning the grounds into the removable filter basket and adding water. Just hit the Instastart push-button ignition, and you can be enjoying fresh-brewed coffee in 18 minutes. With the Pause 'n' Serve feature, there's no need to wait until the family-sized, 10-cup carafe fills up to enjoy your first drink. The PerfectFlow regulator will keep a constant heat, no matter the conditions: cold weather, high altitudes or low fuel


E-Wheels EW-10 Sport Fast

Power Electric Recreational Mobility Scooter

We are pleased to announce our latest example of drawing outside the lines: The EW-10 Sport.

Striking. Athletic. Instantly recognizable. Its bold appearance, like any EWheels, is not shaped by accident. It is Shaped by Performance.

With a maximum speed of 15 MPH and a travel range of 40 miles on a single charge, the EW-10 is equipped with an advanced electronic remote key fob on/off power function, alarm system, secure under-seat storage, and a lockable rear storage box.



MAXIMUM SPEED: 15 MPH (varies based on riders weight and driving terrain)

TRAVEL RANGE: 40 MILES (varies based on riders weight and driving terrain)

MOTOR: 500 watt Trans-Axel Motor


BATTERIES: 48 Volt, 20 Amp


BRAKES: Front and Rear Drum Brakes

BRAKE LEVERS: Front and Rear

STORAGE: Rear Box Lockable Storage


SEAT SIZE: 14 Wide and 26 Deep

SEAT BASE HEIGHT: From Floor Height 30




Front Storage Area: Two Storage Bins



GUAGES: Yes, Speedometer with Battery Gauge

3 Speed Settings Low, Medium and High

CLIMBING: 12 degrees

LIGHTING PACKAGE: Turn Signals, Brake Lights, High/Low Beam Headlight, Rear Light

KEYLESS KEY FOB: Yes, Power on/off



TIRE SIZE: Front and Rear Tire Size 15










REAR SUSPENSION: Two Heavy Duty Shocks






Package include 1Pcs Left / Right hand Led glove

Tactical Gloves with LED Flashlight

Forget the flashlight balancing act. Keep both hands free with the Outdoor LED Gloves.

Operated by two button cell batteries.

Easy on/off at the touch of a button

Two lights per glove; one thumb light and one pointer light

Operates on two CR2016 button batteries (included)

One size fits most

Dimensions: 5.0 inches (H) x 2.0 inches (W) x 5.0 inches (L)

Forefinger length: 1.77

Thumb length: 1.37

Distance between the two fingers: 2.75

Weight: 4.0 ounces
This ice cube maker makes 120 ice cubes in your refrigerator or freezer.

Click the image.


Ever wish you could take a mini-fridge with you on the road? Wish no more - the Koolatron 36 qt. Kool Kaddy Cooler lets you do just that. This 12V lighter-adapter-powered cooler brings food and drink down 40° from the ambient air temperature and comes equipped with a shelf and plenty of room for all your edibles. It's perfect for road trips and can assume a vertical or horizontal position to accommodate your car. Koolatron is a Canadian company with headquarters in Brantford, Ontario, a branch office in Orlando, Florida, and warehouse locations in Batavia, New York and in Rochester, Kent in the United Kingdom. Your satisfaction is important to Koolatron, and they value your trust. That's why they're committed to providing quality products and supporting every product they provide. Electric travel cooler with cigarette-lighter adapter. Sits horizontally/vertically for use as chest or upright fridge. Internal circulation fan and brushless motor. Includes shelf for optimal storage. Cools up to 40° below air temperature. Dimensions: 21W x 15.75D x 15.5H inches.

Material - Hard-sided plastic with foam insulation. Electric travel cooler/warmer with cigarette-lighter adapter
Sits horizontally or vertically for use as chest or upright fridge , Includes removable shelf.
Includes shelf for optimal storage and easy access to foods and beverages
Cools to 40 degrees F below ambient temperature; heats to 135 degrees F
Measures 15.8 by 21 by 15.5 inches (height by width by depth); weighs19 pounds; holds 57 12-ounce cans
Interior Dimensions - L 16 inches x D 12.5 inches x H 12.25 inches

1500mL Dry Food Dispenser - $32.99

Features:[Space-saving]The storage container is wall-mounted, saving a lot of space in your storage room and cabinet for better kitchen organization. [Sealed]Each storage container has a hermetic locking system for a seal to preserves the freshness of dry food.[Easy to Use]Simply place a bowl under the dispenser and press a knob to get a controlled portion.[Widely Applicable]For holding food and food fresh, dried, and completely sealed. Containers are suitable for flour, snack, Brown sugar, etc.[Lid Design]These transparent containers are also very sturdy with a secure lid for easy use.

Cereal Double Dispenser Machine Breakfast Food Storage Kitchen Container - $9.04

800-1000ml capacity

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Bundle with AT Propointer Pinpointer 5x8" PROformance Search Coil - $871.99

This bundle includes all the treasure hunting tools you will need when you go out with your Garrett AT Pro metal detector. A carrying bag from Kellyco will keep your detector safe even if you are toting it for miles. You also get a bundle of Garrett accessories including a pouch and a digger as well as

dome home

looking for a summer getaway home?

generalStore1 only carries and features the best quality items

that I could find after countless hours of searching!!

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tiffany desk lamps

This solar powered car window fan
blows the hot air out of your car!!

Package includes: 1 x Strip 1 X Auto fan 1 X Instruction Manual Features: Name: Solar Powered Car Air Vent Cool Fan Easy to install and portable, solar powered, needs no batteries Clean air and blows hot air out of parked car Fit for most car windows Specifications: 1. Material: Plastic+Monocrystallinesilicon 2. Colors: Black 3. Size: about 148 x 58 x 110mm 4. Strip Length: about 740mm 5. Powered by: Solar 6. Power: 0.5W 7. Voltage: 2V, 120ma Installation Instruction: Roll down the front or rear window on your car about 4-5 inches Chip the auto vent cooler deluxe onto the window Next size the weather stripping fit in both ends of the auto vent cooler deluxe. Slide the remaining weather stripping onto the opposite side of the window and work your way to the auto vent cooler deluxe Slowly Roll the window closed The five function of products: 1. Cool: No longer feel hot when you just enter the car. 2. Deodorization: Purify air, removes in the unusual smell and the fetid odor. 3. As Demister when rainy day. 4. Protect the car electric appliance: The car electrical and electronic items will due to high temperature and affect its performance and service life. 5. Health: Air convection is good for health to you and your family enjoy a non-toxic harmless to the environment. Note: The auto vent cooler deluxe dose not work on dark tinted windows. The anto vent cooler deluxe should not be used on cars that do not have a door frame above the window.

Bunn 32125.0000 2.5l Sst Airpot - $60.74


  • 2.5 liter airpot
  • 84.5 oz capacity
  • Keeps beverages hot or cold for hours
  • Easy to use, lever action pump dispenser
  • Stainless steel liner
  • Durable

bug zapper lights

PREMIUM LUXURIOUS EDITION - 100% Polyester Microfiber on the outside and 100% Polyester Sherpa on the inside. Keeps you warm and comfortable during whether at home or outdoors. Covers your entire body into this Giant Sweatshirt blanket.The Blanket Sweatshirt is easy to carry. You can put arms and legs into this soft sherpa oversized hoddie blanket sweatshirt and still use your hands and feet flexibly. Sweatshirt is smooth and seamless when worn in reverse. Original large model compared to other inferior models. OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT - The coziness of a blanket with the fit of your favorite sweatshirt! It features extra large sleeves, comfy front warming pocket, and a hoodie. It will keep you warm and cozy while lounging at home, watching TV, family game night, camping, sporting events or anything in between. Its like having a ultra plush snuggle wearable fleece throw blanket wrapped around you. HOODIE, LARGE POCKET, & REVERSIBLE - Extra large hood keeps your head snug and warm all day long. Big, roomy pocket to keep what you need right at hand. Reversible – Choose which way feels best for you. This oversize comfortable sweatshirt is one size fits most and it perfect for any occasion. ONE SIZE FOR EVERYONE: Perfect for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes. Makes a perfect gift for any occasion. CARE-FREE WASH: Toss it in with your regular clothes and pull it out just as soft and cozy as the first day you bought it. Machine wash cold, tumble dry separately at low temperature Dimensions:9"x9"x4" Weight: 2 Lbs 4 Ounces

nostalgia electrics breakfast station

nostalgia electrics breakfast station Nostalgia Electrics BSET100BC Nostalgia Breakfast Station - Bisque International Customers: All electronic products are packaged for sale in the US with US voltage. This item is brand-new, factory sealed. Makes a complete breakfast with just one compact appliance! Enjoy a cup of coffee with the four-cup coffee maker, while cooking eggs and meats on the non-stick griddle. This multi-function oven is perfect to toast, broil and reheat food quickly. Non-Stick Removable Griddle Breakfast isnt complete without eggs and sausage cooked on the non-stick griddle. Griddle includes glass cover and cool-touch knob to prevent splatters. Griddle removes for easy cleanup. 4-Cup Coffee Maker Make a complete breakfast by brewing hot, fresh coffee. Simply fill the removable water reservoir, add grounds to the reusable coffee filter to make 4-cups of coffee in the glass carafe. Multi-Function Toaster Oven Bake, broil, toast and reheat a variety of foods quickly. Perfect for making 6-inch pizzas and your morning toast. Crumb Tray Cleanup quickly and easily by removing the crumb tray. Features 4 cup coffee maker with reusable coffee filter Bakes, broils, toasts and reheats food quickly 2 slices bread, 6-inch pizza oven capacity Non-stick griddle includes glass cover with cool touch handle Oven tray, wire rack, crumb tray and griddle remove for easy cleaning Quick-heating and energy efficient appliance Removable water reservoir 30-minute timer Power indicator light 4 cup coffee maker Bakes, broils, toasts and reheats 2 slices bread, 6-inch pizza capacity 30-minute timer Non-stick griddle with glass cover Easy to clean Removable water reservoir Power indicator light

5W LED Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp, USB Photocatalyst Bulb Bug Insect Lamp, Anti-Mosquito Zapper Parasite Trap Light - White

As any mountain man can tell you, moonshine stills do not just make moonshine!!

You can use a moonshine still to purify water by boiling the water and letting the copper tube drip into a large water jug when it steams out!!

bug zapper lights

moonshine still 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine still with worm and thumper FULL KIT Description: We build 5,10, 20, 40, 80, 120, 200 and 300 gallon handmade copper distillers kits. All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver older. Each still is also leak tested and pressure tested. What included: - 5 Gallon Tradional Copper Pot - 2.5 gallon condenser worm - 2.5 gallon thumper - Thermometer


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hamilton beach kitchen



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concept for all websites and was copyrighted in the Library of Congress on
July 13,1984 by David J Ward.


Portable Solar Cooker

bug zapper lights

plug and play solar generator 1500W portable solar power generator It's a ready-to-use plug and play portable power source. It could be charge by wall power or solar panels. 110VAC/1500W pure sine wave outlets, 12VDC outlets & 5VDC USB outlets Built-in 12V/80Ah GEL battery. Battery capacity is extensible. Built-in WIFI device. Supports remote monitoring & remote control. Ideal for camping, fishing, outdoor backup power.

indoor tv antenna

long range indoor tv antenna Never pay huge expensive fees again! Get all of your local free channels including local news, weather forecast, TV show, super ball, basketball game, educational programs, etc. 1080P reception and long range 50 Miles (with amplifier) long access range to far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV. The amplifier boosts the TV antenna with better signal and butterfly pattern optimizes reception. 10ft long cable Come with extra long 10ft coaxial cable, it's more flexible and convenient to place it at any positions for best reception in your house. Premium quality Made of soft flame retardant PC material, antenna wire embedded inside, thinner and lighter than other traditional antennas. It can be hidden behind the TV or bookshelf, lay flat on table or stick it high on window Easy to set up Just unwrap, plug it in and scan channels, it allows you to place it anywhere and no power required. Note: 1. Make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your HDTV or third-party HD receiver. 2. May require digital converter box when connected to TV (if you are using a TV that doesn't have a HDTV Tuner) 3. Set the tuner mode to 'Antenna' or 'Air' in the TV's setup menu and re-scan for channels. 4. Signal strength depends on distance from the tower, terrain, and surrounding environment. If needed, reposition the antenna in a different location, such as higher on a wall or closer to a window, facing the direction of the broadcast tower, always re-scan for channels after moving the antenna. Specification: Type: HDTV Antenna Material: Flame retardant PC Quantity: 1pc Item Color: Black Connector Type: F Male V.S.W.R.: <=2.0 Frequency: VHF 170~240MHz, UHF 470~862MHz Gain: 25dB (with amplifier) / 5dB (without amplifier) Polarization: Vertical Impedance: 75ohm Range: 50 miles (with amplifier) / 25 miles (without amplifier) Operation Environment: Temperature: -45~85°C; Humidity: 20-80% Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC Antenna Cable Length: Approx. 3m / 10ft Antenna Thickness: 0.7mm Size: 22.2*13.6cm / 8.7*5.3" (L*W) Net Weight: 0.11kg / 3.9oz

igloo 2 door fridge click here

Igloo 3.2 cu. ft. Refrigerator and Freezer, Platinum Home Featured Shops College Dorm Living Appliances Mini Fridges The Igloo 3.2 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator and Freezer combines contemporary style with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. It handles cold food storage in an environmentally sustainable way. The sleek design suits any household and blends with a variety of decorating schemes. This mini Igloo refrigerator and freezer has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. Smart interior design features make every cubic inch count. Two interior racks can be easily adjusted to accommodate your immediate needs, while shelves and beverage holders in the door provide extra storage options. The reversible door enables you to adapt your platinum refrigerator and freezer to the layout of your kitchen. An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your cooled items at an optimum temperature. The flush back design and invisible door handle give this combo device a sleek, modern look. Igloo Fr322 Refrigerator: Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet Adjustable thermostat Compressor cooling CFC-free Flush back design Igloo refrigerator and freezer has reversible door Invisible door handle Built-in door can holder Built-in door tall bottle holder Wire slide-out shelves Ice cube tray Low energy consumption 1-year limited warranty Model #FR322 Energy-Saving Tips: Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible, especially when your room is warm or humid Maintain adequate ventilation around the back and sides of the Igloo mini refrigerator and freezer For normal use, the thermostat on this platinum fridge should be set at 4 You should allow warm food to cool down to room temperature before you place it in the Igloo mini refrigerator and freezer Beware of excessive ice buildup, which increases energy consumption Be sure to defrost this platinum fridge when ice and frost accumulate to a thickness of 1/4 inch The Igloo 3.2 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator and Freezer combines contemporary style with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. It handles cold food storage in an environmentally sustainable way. The sleek design suits any household and blends with a variety of decorating schemes. This mini Igloo refrigerator and freezer has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. Smart interior design features make every cubic inch count. Two interior racks can be easily adjusted to accommodate your immediate needs, while shelves and beverage holders in the door provide extra storage options. The reversible door enables you to adapt your platinum refrigerator and freezer to the layout of your kitchen. An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your cooled items at an optimum temperature. The flush back design and invisible door handle give this combo device a sleek, modern look.

koolatron travel cooler

koolatron travel cooler The Koolatron P95 Thermoelectric 45 Quart Travel Saver Cooler & Heater features a large 45-quart capacity and a unique domed lid. This specially designed cooler can fit larger bottles or thermoses with ease. As with most Koolatron coolers, the Travel Saver can also be plugged into any household outlet with the AC Adapter, which is sold separately. This incredible cooler uses state-of-the art thermoelectric cooling technology. It features a durable brush-less motor and internal air circulation for even temperature distribution. The Travel Saver is the perfect companion for camping, RVing, boating, or just plug it in at home and use it as a second fridge. Features: Brand New w/ 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty! Efficient Cooling: Cools Ambient Temperature Below 40°F Using Only 48 Watts Of Power. Heating Capable: Easily Reheat Your Food On-The-Go Up To 140°F. Multiple Uses: By Flip Horizontally To Use As Chest Cooler Or Vertically As A Mini Fridge. Thermoelectric Technology: Ideal For Quick Power-Ups & Quiet Operation That Uses Only 4 Amps. Durable Construction: With A Brush-Free Motor & Solid, Hard-Top Exterior That's Virtually Wear Free! Huge Size: Can Hope Up To 45 Quarts Of Food Or 72 12-Ounce Cans By Using A Domed Lid. Included 12V Power Cable: Plugs Into A Car, Boat, Or RV To Take Your Food & Drink Whereever You Need Them. Optional: 110V Household Adapter & Car Battery Saver Can Be Purchased

igloo rolling ice chest

igloo rolling ice chest Full size cooler body with locking, telescoping handle design and durable wheels makes for easy transport of fully loaded cooler. Molded in side handles for easier to lift and carry. Triple-snap drain plug makes emptying melted ice easier. Perfect for sporting events, tailgating and backyard cookouts. Locking telescoping luggage-style handle Durable wheels Telescoping handle Molded-in side handles 4 cup holders in lid Triple snap drain plug 60 qt capacity L 22.13" X W 18.25" X H 20.50" Free shipping!

igloo water jugs

Igloo 42115 Blue Sport 5 Gallon Roller Water Cooler Jug From the jobsite to the sidelines, this beefy Igloo 5-gallon wear-cooler jug delivers mobile hydration for everyone, featuring rugged, stable wheels, a pressure-fit lid that won't spill and the kind of industry-leading cold retention you expect to keep your drink cold and refreshing on long, hot days. Capacity: 5 Gallons/18.9 L

office water cooler

office water cooler Freestanding top-loading water dispenser Hot, cold and room temperature water Hot water child safety lock Fits standard 3 & 5 gallon bottles Independent power switches for heating and cooling Food-grade stainless-steel hot and cooling tank Slim and stylish design-fit everywhere SPECIFICATIONS: Color:Black Cold water temperature: 5-10℃ Hot water temperature: 85-95℃ Rated Voltage:110V/60Hz. Heating Power:500W, 1L Hot Tank Cooling Power:80W-90W,3L Cold Tank Dimension: 14.37*13.97*40.15 in

Solar Powered Bug Zapper - $44.59

Features:[Insect Elimination]Bug zapper uses an ultraviolet bulb that attracts all pesky flying insects into the fly zapper, the high-voltage grids will immediately electrocute mosquitoes.[Safe Eco-Friendly]No dazzling, no chemicals, no smell and toxic-free, 100% safe for children, pregnant woman and pets.[Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel]High light conversion rate solar panel with 2200mAh Li-ion battery, work up to 8-10 hours after fully charged by sun light.[2 Installation Modes]Insect killer lamp with 2 types of installation modes for choices, which can be mount on wall, and the soil.[Waterproof IP65]IP65 water resistance and high quality ABS frame make them works well and safe in different kinds of weathers, and high temperature resistance.

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Send Wisconsin Cheese Nationwide

                                    Omaha Steaks!

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Portable Solar Cooker

Meet the GoSun Grill: Complete Redesign of the Modern Grill No Monitoring Needed: No burnt food, just set it and go No Carbon Crud: No dirty fuel makes transportation easy and cleanup a breeze Delicious + Nutritious: Cooking evenly and retaining your food's moisture, you will taste the difference Goes Everywhere: Deck, boat, park, beach or kitchen, simply fold the reflectors and go Even At Night: Store the heat of the Sun to cook any time with our patent pending phase change Thermal Battery GoSun Sport Solar Cooker: The full base package including, durable cleaning scruby and GoSun Cook-Booklet Padded Carrying Case: A perfect companion to the GoSun Sport, this Padded Carrying Case is ruggedly built to take a beating, with the capacity to hold a kitchen on the go. Features include: Custom Fit Padded Interior Pocket: Protects the stove from even the worst of impacts Easy-Clean Tray Pocket: Keeps any mess at bay Ergonomic Shoulder Strap: Easy carry anywhere Extra Cooking Tray: Great for serving one dish while cooking another FREE Spice Kit: This expertly crafted 5 spice kit is a fitting compliment to any meal. Crafted in collaboration with Cincinnati spice master, Colonel De, these savory, sweet, and exotic flavors are durably packed to go wherever the road or trail takes you.









Palm Tree Store

For a great selection of outboard boat motors in all price ranges-horsepower ranges-and most makes and models-plus a large selection of fishing boats-speedboats and skiboats-yachts-sailboats-and jetski watercraft-plus marine electronics and boating safety and accessories-see this website at http://outboardmotormanual.tripod.com

Me at the local Angleton Library working on my websites-one of my favorite hangouts!!
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rubbermaid storage


diving masks and swim flippers-scuba tanks and regulators-hookah compressor diving gear-brass hardhat diving helmets

Carolina tough durable leather workboots and hiking boots http://shoestory.tripod.com/carolinaboots

Raised Bed Gardening Kits for the backyard and patio gardener plus survival seeds kits contains thousands of seeds per order

Teak outdoor weaterproof patio dining tables and chair sets-plus see a lot more outdoor weatherproof sofa sectional sets and moon chairs sets http://waterbedattic.tripod.com/outdoorpatiodiningtables

if the store website image does not show full size just click any product link and it will expand to full size and show the full size-I do not know why it does this.





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